Friday Man Video

Another great one from Branden Town – a video for Friday Man. For a guy who’s often put out records and then not really told anybody, it’s great to see Pye promoting this one over the course of a year. I have a hunch its new musical partner Tessa pushing this – wonder if I’m right? check it out, and if you get a chance to see YJA play live (so far only in Quebec and Nova Scotia), do. Can’t wait for a visit to TO.

Yellow Jacket Avenger and Fall Horsie in Montreal: Oct. 5th 2013

Yellowjacket Avenger will be performing in Montreal on Saturday, Oct 5th, at 80 St.Viateur East, along with Fall Horsie. Fall Horsie are (I’ve just learned) a quartet led by Justin Karas that performs a sort of chamber-pop with both ragtime and symphonic elements; they remind me of bits of Sufjan Stevens and Toronto’s  Jack Breakfast, and I imagine the pairing of acts will be righteous. We await announcements of more shows.

Hear Fall Horsie here at their MySpace page, and read a CBC profile here.

Hilotrons cover Emergency

This has been out since Nov 2012, but I just recently found it: Hilotrons‘ cover of Emergency (Double Nature, 2008). Double Nature had a definite Kate Bush feel to it, and this arrangement and vocal make that explicit. Nicely done, and some nice props given to YJA:

“One of the greatest records ever made is Double Nature, by the Yellow Jacket Avenger [a.k.a. Geoffrey Pye]”, says Hilotrons frontman Mike Dubue. “I’ve always wanted to pay tribute to this record.”

– from Video Premiere blog post on CBC 

Here’s the video; a link to the Soundcloud track follows.


On Soundcloud: