Friday Man Video

Another great one from Branden Town – a video for Friday Man. For a guy who’s often put out records and then not really told anybody, it’s great to see Pye promoting this one over the course of a year. I have a hunch its new musical partner Tessa pushing this – wonder if I’m right? check it out, and if you get a chance to see YJA play live (so far only in Quebec and Nova Scotia), do. Can’t wait for a visit to TO.

Stones Cover Show

From Facebook:

Playing as Mick Jagger in a yet to be named Rolling Stones cover band on Oct.3 @ Barfly here in MTL. New Career ?

Setlist: Bitch, angie, midnight rambler, honky tonk woman, under my thumb, start me up, miss you , beast of burden, brown sugar, its only rock n roll

– G. Pye

Shoot some video of this if you’re there – share it here. Fun stuff.